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cel-01390383v2  Lectures
Pierre Brugière. Machine Learning in Finance
Doctoral. Machine Learning in Finance, Universite Paris 9 Dauphine, France. 2016, pp.121
cel-01327673v3  Lectures
Pierre Brugière. Portfolio Management
Doctoral. University Paris 9 Dauphine, France. 2016, pp.115
hal-02450559v3  Lectures
Mathieu Lewin. Describing lack of compactness in Sobolev spaces
Master. Variational Methods in Quantum Mechanics, France. 2010
cel-01935749v4  Lectures
Mathieu Lewin. Théorie spectrale & mécanique quantique
Master. Ecole Polytechnique, France. 2018
hal-01158912v1  Lectures
Bruno Bouchard. Lecture notes on BSDEs Main existence and stability results
Doctoral. BSDEs Main existence and stability results, LSE, United Kingdom. 2015
cel-01511112v2  Lectures
Pierre Brugière. Credit Risk, CDOs and Copulas
Doctoral. Risque de Credit CDOs CDS, Université Paris Dauphine, France. 2017, pp.89
cel-01669532v1  Lectures
Pierre Brugière. Portfolio Management
Doctoral. Portfolio Management, Paris, France. 2017, pp.125